Darwin Private Hospital is fully accredited against The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, a mandatory set of standards established by the Australian Government for all public and private hospitals.

Accreditation involves a visit to the hospital from an independent team of expert health professionals who review the quality and safety of services provided. Our achievements are measured against industry standards by this review team. Hospitals are measured against ten overarching standards and many different criteria including patient care, medication management, clinical handover, infection control, complaints management and preventing falls.

Hospitals receive a rating for each one of these criteria – either satisfactorily met or not met. If a criterion is not met, the hospital is given an action that it must follow-up within 3 months to ensure the criterion is satisfactorily met.

For hospitals achieving a higher level of quality, a higher rating is awarded “MM” or “met with merit”.

Darwin Private Hospital - Accreditation Outcomes Chart

At the recent accreditation survey (Organisation Wide, 2014) Darwin Private Hospital maintained accreditation under the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. This chart shows the proportion of “MM” ratings achieved by Darwin Private Hospital compared to other Australian hospitals.

Other Awards

Darwin Private Hospital is proud of the recognitions of excellence bestowed on its hospitals and staff.

Examples of recent awards are:

2013 Nursing & Midwiffery Excellence Award
Tom Harbinson
Darwin Private Hospital (NT)


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